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Big Motoring World BMW

Mr Morton has recently purchased a BMW 630i Sport Convertible from Big Motoring World after he found us on the Internet. He found us on Google when searching for quality used BMWs and thought we were very easy to locate, being just off of the M20. He tells us that he thought the sales service was absolutely perfect and could not have been better. I was very impressed with the stock quantity from Big Motoring World, thus why I travelled over 300 miles to get there from Norfolk! I also found that the site was first class and the handover was especially busy, likely due to Big Motoring World’s popularity! It was well worth the wait however as the final presentation was excellent. I would certainly recommend them to a friend.

Kate first found Big Motoring World when she visited our website via Google. Upon finding her way to us, she was incredibly impressed with the selection of used BMWs that we had to offer her and the excellent service we provided to assist in her choice. She also informs us that she had an excellent time and would recommend us to her friends, who are also looking for a quality BMW. I was very impressed with the overall experience at Big Motoring World. Everything was very smooth and hassle-free, especially my selection of a car. I didn’t feel forced at any point and I look forward to shopping there again, should my new car break down!

Scott found us on the Autotrader website and visited us a short time after. Upon his arrival, he was immediately astounded to find the quantity of the stock we supply for our customers. Scott also found our sales process to be very easy and that our financial team is very skilled in finding the best way for our customers to pay for their cars. I found the sales process to be very good when I visited Big Motoring World last week and I am very impressed that I was able to find my car so quickly. I will admit that I was keen on the grey leather, so Big Motoring World changed it for me to the better option of blackleather. The handover was also very easy and I was very happy with the new leather. It was well worth the wait and the long drive to collect it!

Mr Brand first located us when he was driving by and decided to visit our website. He was very pleased with the information on the website and thought we were very easy to find with it. He was also very pleased with the site layout, stating that it was easy to find what he was looking for and that it was a pleasant experience. The sales experience I had at Big Motoring World was excellent, as the salesman didn’t put any pressure on me and it was a very pleasant. I found the final presentation was very good as well. I went away a happy customer and I would be happy to recommend Big Motoring World to a friend.

Mr Monro found us in the Autotrader magazine and found the layout of our site in Kent to be very smart. He has also told us that he was very impressed with the range of cars available and the presentation of them to the customers. Sales process was very good at Big Motoring World when I visited. I was in a rush, but the sales team got everything dealt with quickly and efficiently. The salesman was very helpful and all of my questions got answered. I had asked for a couple of things to be done before collection and it all looked perfected when I finally picked my car up.

Manoj has recently purchased a BMW 520d se from Big Motoring World and has told us a number of positive things. For example, he told us that he was very happy with the sales team, who were very friendly and helped him to find the right car for him and his family. I was very impressed with the final presentation of my car when I went to collect it from Big Motoring World, as it was cleaned thoroughly both inside and out. I was also very content with the minor repairs I had asked to be done on the car, as a few minor dents had been sustained from the previous owner. However, these were all gone when I retrieved it from them the following Thursday.

Big Motoring World | Used BMW Kent

When purchasing a quality used BMW Kent dealers don't come any better than our own organization of Big Motoring World. Our customers can be assured that all cars on offer are of the very highest quality and in the best possible condition that we can deliver. With our service centre on hand we can deal with almost any situation that may arise if there is a problem with your vehicle. Advice on keeping your car on the road is also available at Big Motoring World as we know how important your car is to you. Big Motoring World understands how much of an inconvenience it is to have your car off the road and we have procedures in place that make sure this does not happen on a regular basis. We can provide a service to have your car collected so it can be repaired as soon as possible and give you the option to utilise one of our courtesy cars to limit the inconvenience to your busy day.

Big Motoring World can offer some of the highest standards of used BMW Kent has available at this moment in time and is one of the only places you will need to look. We have a varied collection of cars at our site for you to browse over and the helpful and extremely experienced staff will be able to answer any questions you may have. Located conveniently off the A20 we can offer a wide selection of makes and models which come with a number of different specifications. Most BMW models have up to date technology fitted as standard but as you progress through the range of cars you will notice the number of gadgets on each of the vehicles increases to make your driving experience just that little more enjoyable.

A great change has taken place with regard to the clients that choose to purchase a used BMW Kent dealerships can provide.  Gone are the days when your typical BMW driver was a businessman - this is a prestigious and reliable car that appeals to a great cross section of society - not only from professionals but also to those with young families.  This was a car that was once out of the reach of most of us, but has now been put firmly with in their sights.  The price of the cars we can offer at Big Motoring World are subject to the price promise that we will beat any other deal on a similar car. We can offer a variety of price plans and special offers which will be far more appealing and competitive to those that you have previously been offered. BMW drivers confidently purchase our cars time and time again because of the reputation for engineering and the superb handling of each car which BMW claim have 50 50 balance. There can be no doubt in a growing number of motorists minds that this is a car that is capable of not only a fantastic driving experience but is also flexible enough to fit seamlessly into a variety of roles as well as proving to be completely safe and reliable.

The used BMW Kent dealership of Big Motoring World has grown into a very competitive market with a number of rival dealerships opening in the area. As you may realise the competition is very fierce but we at Big Motoring World have stepped into the market leader shoes with the best selection of cars and some of the highest standards of customer care before, during and after the sale of our vehicles. With so many dealerships in one area all competing for the same business, you have to stand out from the crowd and at Big Motoring World we have accomplished this on a number of levels. Winning industry awards has projected the profile for used car dealerships and this is definitely the case with our growing and successful organization as we invest our time and energy into the personal development of our team.

Our customers deserve exceptional value for money and are able to place their trust completely in our services. At Big Motoring World we trust our staff to offer the customer the very best possible deal and service that can be delivered. We are also completely confident in the high quality of the product that we are selling to our valued customers and they can guarantee that we will go to exceptional lengths to provide the best options possible for them. We fully recognize that our service to our client base should be given one hundred per cent effort and strive to achieve this regardless of the size of job or query. The team at Big Motoring World together with many other dealersships selling used BMWs in Kent have worked hard to improve and build upon the reputable image of used car dealers to the heights of professionalism that we can see today and this is reflected in both the views and attitudes of our clientele. 

Customers require a used BMW Kent based dealership which can be relied upon to deliver outstanding quality and prove to be more than trustworthy. Trust is the platform upon which our Big Motoring World organization is built and it is precisely this reputation that has been twenty years in the making, that we are so rightly proud of.  We make the best use of our expertise to ensure that for our customers nothing will ever be too much trouble. The image the general public have of Big Motoring World is one that delivers in all aspects and that is why they keep returning to upgrade their cars every few years as well as taking advantage of our extensive range of after care services. Word of mouth is one of the most important factors when it comes to sales as our clients are more than happy to tell family and friends about the great service and quality that we can provide. Personal recommendation is one of the most popular reasons for our new clients visiting our premises.  A wide range of detailed information is available on our web site and many of our past and existing customers will tell you of the excellent standards of used BMW Kent can offer at our West Malling site. Our online services also offer the opportunity to have live web chat with a member of our team together with an extensive presentation of the amazing pre owned BMWs that we currently have available in stock.

You will also be able to find extensive information regarding the endless range of after care services that we are able to provide on site. Much of this may be covered by warranty. If you purchased a pre owned BMW from us that is less than three years old, it should be covered under the original main dealer warranty. However thanks to Warranties 2000 we are able to provide warranty cover from between one and three years should you so require. We can continue to provide MOT and servicing for your vehicle which will not only allow us to provide a continuity of care for our clients but also allow us to become familiar with the vehicles with which we work. We operate as a tight knit community of services all under one roof which ensures that communication is always clear - a service which our clients are more than happy with.

Review Summaries

Very good overall experience

Mrs Smith 
Mercedes A-Class - LT12*** 


Thought the site layout was very good all car models grouped together. Thought that both sale and handover of vehicle were very good. Would recommend to a friend

Mr Neata
BMW 630i Coupe - EY55 *** 

Found via Autotrader searching for a BMW. Thought we were very easy to get to. The sale of the vehicle was very straight forward and to the point. The handover was good, no messing about was quick and easy. Would recommend to a friend

Mr Cohen
BMW 325i M Sport Convertible - PE09 ***

Found through Autotrader and thought the site was very easy to find. Thought the site layout was very good. The salesman was very understanding and made the process very easy. The handover procedure is a very good idea, was very good and was impressed with the final vehicle presentation. Would defiantly recommend to a friend.

Mr Okai
BMW X3 - WP55 ***

Found through the internet. The site presentation was good. Both handover and sales process were very good. The vehicle was very good and very clean. Would recommend to a friend.

Mr Tomas
BMW 320i SE Convertible - PJ08 ***

Found the website when searching the internet and was impressed with huge amount of stock. Thought it was easy to find. Overall experience was very good. Thought the site was lovely impressed with how clean it was and they layout. Would recommend to a friend

Mr Lasuka
BMW 318i ES - Kx57 ***

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Big Motoring World is probably the largest used BMW dealer in the UK, with hundreds of quality and used BMW's in stock at all times. Grouped by model, the site at West Malling, Kent makes for a fantastic experience when looking for a used BMW.