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There could not be a better time to purchase a used BMW 3 Series from Big Motoring World than right at this moment in time. The classic Series has been around for decades and each model is a great improvement on the last. Used BMW 3 series have a huge range of engines from the economical diesels to the power and handling of the M versions. Whichever you choose, at Big Motoring World we can accommodate all of your requirements, as we have all the specs of this exceptional car. Regarded as one of the best vehicles ever to be produced,  purchasing a used BMW 3 series could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Stunning looks throughout the range and at just a fraction of the price when sold for new, you can have a 3 series that may have previously existed only in your dreams.  Buying an M Sport may be a little more expensive but if you compare price against performance, you will see that it is well worth the investment.  Used BMW 3 series are readily available across numerous dealerships all over the country but due to the high demand of this great car they are usually snapped up pretty quickly.  However,  at Big Motoring World our buying teams will pull out all the stops to search for the car you require and will not stop until they have succeeded. We believe that the service we provide to our clients should be the product of one hundred per cent effort to achieve the satisfaction that they deserve.

A new 3 Series is worth every penny of the asking price but if a used BMW 3 series is more in your price bracket then this can only be an immense benefit to your finances. Whether you desire a the classic design of the 80's to the more streamlined up to date version, then our personnel at Big Motoring World can come to the rescue. With hard and soft top versions on offer to purchase, the choice is relevant to personal preference but obviously the hope is to enjoy weather that allows a soft top! Big Motoring World can assist with all your 3 series purchases and can even install the best alloys if you decide to personalize your car.

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Big Motoring World is probably the largest used BMW dealer in the UK, with hundreds of quality and used BMW's in stock at all times. Grouped by model, the site at West Malling, Kent makes for a fantastic experience when looking for a used BMW.